From the land of the Cedars to the World

Cedars premium first saw the light in Lebanon. Inspired by the resilience of the cedars and aspired to be on the premium stand of the beverages and refreshments industry, it constantly works on expanding its market outlooks . Focusing on research and innovation to offer its consumers customized experiences , giving them a taste of nature and an exotic sparkle .

Currently covering the following markets: USA, Euorpe, Middle East and Australia.
Cedars premium business development team is investigating other markets with its new product lines. 

When it comes to the regional export strategy , it is anchored in fostering local economies and meeting the social fabric needs. Let’s take three of our main markets : 

Our motto for the international shipping and markets outlook roadmap revolves around accompanying our consumers in their lifestyle and fulfilling their special occasions with a festive toast. 

A promise that we hold so close to always implement our know-how and vision from the land of the cedars to the world .