A festival of colors and flavors.

The exceptional bliss of colors and flavors is just one bottle away thanks to the Cedar’s premium rich variety of production lines catering to various market segments.

You can now enjoy our guilt-free beverages and refreshments based on your preferences and in compliance with your lifestyle. In this context, Cedar’s carries many brands for different market segments such as : Jalloul, Kazouza, Cedar’s Malt, Fruit A day, O by Cedar’s, Vida Pop, Duo Sante, and Red Sante.

If you are seeking non-alcoholic options, the choice is totally yours among the following products: Cedar’s Malt as the no-alcoholic malt brand with unique flavors such as the Mexican. Vida Pop as the unique nonalcoholic mixed drinks with no sugar added . You can try our O by Cedar’s as the healthy natural flavored sparkling water.

If you are pro-organic products , you can just grab our Duo Sante as the unique worldwide organic juice with natural sparkling water or the Red Sante as the innovative organic juice with specialty flavors such as the Mediterranean pomegranate. Besides, don’t miss embarking on another journey with our best sellers . In the meantime, let’s discover their characteristics in those few lines : 

● Kazouza 1941: sparkling fruity drink, colorful with unique tasty flavors such as the Tamarind, Lemon Mint, Watermelon and Mango among others. Pick your favorite flavor and enjoy the fruity freshness.

● Cedar’s Malt: bringing the Mexican vibes to your place with our non-alcoholic tasty and unique malt beverage. You won’t regret it …Cheers!

● Vida Pop: No added sugar and low in calorie, the funky non- alcoholic sparkling mixed drinks are a must try!

● Duo Sante: Healthy organic (bio) low calorie sparkling juice mixed with natural water offers you two exquisite flavors: Apple and Pomegranate.

● O by Cedar’s: proudly named after Lebanon’s symbolic tree, this flavored sparkling water is refreshing and revitalizing.

● Fruit A Day: One fruit a day …keeps the dullness away. Drive your energy with the fruity drinks and their variant flavors: Lemon mint, pomegranate, etc…

● Red Sante: Your health matters to us, our organic pomegranate and apricot are the healthiest juices and nectars.

● Jalloul: Cola, Bubble Gum and Pineapple bring back childhood memories. Enjoy a sip of our Jalloul Junior drinks.

Don’t forget to browse our categories on the website to keep an eye on the updates and to welcome the new additions to our growing family.