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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the roots of Cedar’s Premium?
Cedar’s Premium is one of the main milestones of the Najem family industrial journey.
In 1941, the first beverage factory in the Middle East was established under the “Najem” brand in returnable glass bottles.
Najem grew in the Lebanese market as an icon representing the culture back then until the civil war in 1975. In the early 80’s, the company took off again and switched strategy from the Najem returnable glass to the brand “Pampa”.
In the late 90’s, Pampa one way nectar with fruit pieces in glass bottles was successfully launched as a unique proposition in the Lebanese market and by 2001 gained over 27% market share becoming the leader in the juice category.
What makes Cedar’s Premium a success story?
Having a reckless spirit of innovation, a flexible mindset that is always keen on staying up-to-date with the latest market trends, outperforming ourselves, harnessing our know-how and investing in research and development prospects to offer you a differentiated array of product. Our unique brand value and ongoing commitment to provide our consumers with exceptional experiences are among the pillars of success that make us stand out in the marketplace.
What are your various products?
The variety of production lines allows Cedar's Premium to develop and introduce a large array of product variants targeting many market segments: From Juice drinks to nectars to low calories to organic pure juices to sparkling drinks to non- alcoholic sparkling mixed drinks to sparkling water to sparkling organic juices.
In this context, Cedar’s carries many brands for different market segments:
Jalloul, Kazouza, Cedar’s Malt, Fruit A day, O by Cedar’s, Vida Pop, Duo Sante, and Red Sante.
I am searching for non-alcoholic options, what can your brand offer me?
The choice is yours among the following products:
Cedar’s Malt as the no-alcoholic malt brand with unique flavors such as the Mexican.
Vida Pop as the unique nonalcoholic mixed drinks with no sugar added.
I am looking for low-calory refreshments, which of your products do you recommend?
You can try our O by Cedar’s as the healthy natural flavored sparkling water or VidaPop.
Do you have organic products?
Definitely, we do. Grab our Duo Sante as the unique worldwide organic juice with natural sparkling water or the Red Sante as the innovative organic juice with specialty flavors such as the Mediterranean pomegranate.
What are Cedar’s Premium greatest assets?
Cedar’s Premium has the advantage of being very flexible in offering a wide variety of products in a very short time span. Our experienced team never fails at tailoring a special concept per market segment. Besides, the available advanced equipment along with the highly skilled Research & Development department, the extended business network and suppliers allow us to execute any concept in a timely and effective manner.
Are you planning to expand your outlooks?
Following a proactive approach to the different markets and dynamically watching out for the latest trends, the R&D reflect these changes and stay at the top of newest technologies and concepts in products development.
Where can we find your products?
Since its establishment, Cedar's Premium approached international markets through a 3-folded strategy:
- Ethnic products to the Lebanese and Arab diaspora world-wide such as: The Tamarind
- Premium innovative products such as: The Duo Sante Organic
- Tailor-made Private Label products
Currently covering the following markets: Jordan, Kurdestan Iraq, Qatar, Libya, Egypt, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, USA and Australia and working on many other markets with its new product lines. We will continue to implement our know-how and vision to reach wider markets worldwide.
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