At Cedar’s Premium Food & Beverage, and through the owners, we pride ourselves on having a long heritage in the Food & beverage industry since 1941; actually, we were the first in Lebanon, where we started with the Iconic “Najem” brand in returnable glass bottles, then moved to the famous Pampa brand in plastic cups and another packaging eventually where we grabbed 27% market share in the year 2000, to launch lately the Jalloul and kazouza (and soon California Garden) brands among others.. For more than 70 years, we have been purchasing, manufacturing and marketing all types of fruit juices and related products. Consequently, we have accumulated high expertise in this field and created close partnerships with key customers and suppliers.


Creating value and making a difference by offering innovative, distinctive and tasty affordable products catering to all target segments of the market.


To have differentiative beverage brands that anticipate and satisfies people’s diverse desires and needs which maximizes long-term return to shareholder’s value.


Cedar’s Premium Food and Beverage has a certificate of registration and the ISO 22000:2005.
In our facilities, we adhere to the strictest hygiene and food safety standards and have ISO 22000 certification to prove it. This kind of certificate is only given for factories who follow high strict standards!